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I am thinking about buying a truck I have been looking at. It's an 08 CC, DRW, 4wd, manual trans. It has about 115K on it and is stock. Just wondering if there is anything I should be looking for in particular. Not new to trucks or Superdutys, new to the 6.4 tho. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

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Here is my standard advice:

All of the new emissions controlled diesels are significantly more complex than the previous generations of diesels. They are reliable if properly maintained, but if maintenance is neglected they can go really bad really fast.

The DPF regen backstop is 667 miles, so it will regen at least that frequently whether the sensors indicate it needs it or not. If you have the new 11B23 flash, the regen message does not stay up on the display so you will most likely miss it. If you are paying attention you will notice it's in regen since it sounds a little different. If you have add on guages like a Scanguage II (recommended) you can see it by noting the high DPF temperature (~1,300 vs. ~500).

Here is the 6.4 recommended maintenance rundown:

* Oil changes at 5k miles, 5W-40 synthetic oil recommended, Motorcraft or Racor filters only. I recommend sending samples to Blackstone for analysis at each oil change, the trending information is invaluable. Buy the bulk pre-pay 6 pack test to save a few bucks.
* Fuel filter changes at 10k miles, FD4617, Motorcraft or Racor only.
* Use a quality fuel additive at every fill up such as the Ford PM22A/23A or Stanadyne. This helps with lubricity for the high pressure fuel pump and also helps increase the interval between DPF regens.
* Test the coolant nitrite level with the specified test strips at least every 20k, I recommend every 10k when doing the fuel filters since it's easy and the test strips are cheap. Add two bottles of VC-8 if needed. This helps avoid cavitation damage.
* Avoid bio-diesel and bio-diesel blends. 5% is the max for the 6.4 and even 5% has been reported to increase fuel dilution issues.

Other things to keep in mind are the 50k and 60k changes of rear diff fluid, trans fluid and transfer case fluid, and the 60k coolant flush with VC-9 and refill. Be sure to read both the owner's manual and the diesel supplement completely.

I highly recommend getting the service manual CD from HELM ($150) and studying it and the various other docs available on the forums to learn as much as you can about the truck and engine. The more you understand it, the more attuned you will be to any developing issues.
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