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Dose any one have the pin out or a diagram of the differences between a 92 and a 93 related to the transmission harness and the vacume vs the electric cruse plugs/moduals?
My 92 harness was chewed up, repaired, and chewed up some more, at the computer connector behind the fender.
I pulled a complete engine harness from pull a part from a 93 idi.
I went to plug in the 92 idi trans harness and one plug fits and one is way different. It has 2 more wires also. Plugs in question are located on the drivers inner fender.
It also has a different connection for the cruse unit. It has the electric instead of vacume cruse unit. I went back and got a transmission harness to match the 93 idi harness from a gas f150, and an electric cruse unit. I also grabbed the 93 idi transmission computer in case i need to swap it in also.
Both truck had the same color blue plug for the transmission computer. It looks like the extra wires in the transmission harness are for the extra wires to the electric cruse(hopefully)? But I havent been abel to sit down and test and probe the harnesses yet just trying to get some info to verify what I find when I do.
It looks like I can just plug every thing in and install an electric cruse unit and hope it dosent start to smoke! LOL
I had major transmission control problems befor finding the chewed up and broken wires while replacing a wrecked fender.

Thanks, Sean

New to me 92 na idi auto f350 4wd 4dr
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