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Hey guys,

1994 f-350 7.3 idi factory turbo

I ran into an issue recently where I noticed that I had some seeping of ATF on my pan lately. It isn't enough to spot the ground, but after keeping an eye on tranny levels, it is still the same. Now it takes a bit to get the truck moving when I put it in gear when started up. My assumption is that the torque converter is leaking, thus due to the fact that my wife drove the truck ONCE while her car was in the shop and took it on the freeway in 2nd gear because the gear shift indicator on the column is a little mis-aligned. Once she drove it the leaking started (isn't that how it usually happens?).

I guess my question is do I need to replace the entire torque converter, or just the seal. I don't have too much experience with torque converters because I've never had an issue. I don't tow often and when I do it's pretty light but I am moving to Texas in a few months and will be taking everything in the truck and trailer. I need to get the old work horse tuned up by then, and I wasn't expecting this so any help would be appreciated.

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