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For those that have visited the Adams site, you have already seen and probably read some reviews on these applicators. For those that haven't seen them yet, not only do they work really well, they are much easier on your hands and fingers than the regular applicators.

Adam's Premium Hex-Grip Foam Polish Applicators

Orange: Swirl & Haze Remover

Blue: Revive Fine Hand Polish

Red: Buttery Wax or Machine SuperWax, our polymer sealant

Some people only want to polish and wax by hand, and have no interest in machine polishing! They want to feel every curve of the body panel, both applying and removing polish and wax. Are we talking about you? This is your applicator.

The ORANGE Hex Grip Applicator features the same German Durafoam that our Generation 2 Machine Polishing Pads use, and is for use with our Swirl & Haze Remover.

The BLUE Hex Grip Applicator features FINE GRADE foam, designed specifically for use with our Revive Hand Polish.

Our RED Hex Grip Applicator features fine foam, for waxing with our Buttery Liquid Hand Wax, or, our Polymer Sealant, the Machine SuperWax.

With this applicator, you will hand polish more effectively, and accomplish staggering results.

These sturdy Hex Grip applicators are ergonomically designed to be the most comfortable on the market. Guaranteed 110% to out-perform any applicator on earth.

Instructions for Use:

1. Clean Vehicle
2. Use the Clay Bar and Detail Spray to remove surface contamination.
3. If the vehicle has visible swirl marks in broad daylight, you will want to use our Swirl & Haze Remover & Orange Swirl Killer Hex Applicator Pad.
4. If your vehicle as minor swirls, only visible under garage or florescent lights, Proceed with the following steps:
5. Spray a very light mist of Detail Spray to the face of the Hex Grip Applicator.
6. Apply a dime-sized dab of Revive Fine Hand Polish to the Blue face of the Hex Applicator pad.
7. Apply a fine layer of Revive Polish to the finish, avoiding the cracks and emblems.
8. Finish vehicle, then remove residue with our Super Plush Polishing Towel.
9. Follow with protection, such as Buttery Liquid Hand Wax, Americana Premium Paste Wax for a Concours gloss, or for cars parked outdoors day or night, our Polymer Sealant, Machine SuperWax.

Hex Grip Applicator Cleaning Instructions:

1. For best results, clean after each use!
2. Spray Hex Grip Applicator with our All Purpose Cleaner.
3. Squeeze the applicator in half, then spray more APC into the face.
4. Work the cleaner evenly into the blue face of the applicator.
4. Rinse with water.
5. Squeeze out the water, then allow to dry for 48 hours between uses.

Take hand polishing to the next level with Adam's Hex Grip Premium Foam Polish Applicators!

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If you're going to hand polish these are great! I do mostly everything by machine so I haven't tested them out yet but I've heard from lots of people they are awesome.
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