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We are now taking pre-orders for the New F8 and Destiny USB programmer. The F8 chip is a combination of the F5 and F6 technology with a few tweaks to the processes of chip burning. A rotary knob is used for selecting through 8 tunes. It is recommended for the person who does their own tuning or a business that offers their own tuning and chips to their customers.

The Destiny Programmer is the chip burner you will use with your F8 to reburn it right in the vehicle if have your own tunes to upload or tunes from your tuner on your laptop. Again simuliar to the F6 technology. You do not have to purchase the Destiny programmer if you don't want it or need it. Resellers will have that option.

These 2 products will be offered to everyone. You will be able to purchase it from us with Jody's tunes on it or use with the new DataTuning software soon to be completed to create you own tunes. Resellers will be able to put their own tunes on it as well. The F8 and Destiny Programmer can be used on any Ford EEC-VI or EEC-V equipped vehicle. This is not limited to 7.3l diesel trucks.

For additional information call either Jody, James or myself if you have any questions. This is new and not much information will be available online to discuss.


F8 chip blank $165.00
8 position rotary switch $30.00
Destiny Programmer $150.00
F8 Computer chip switching and programming utiltiy $Free$
(utility will automatically convert existing binary file formats to work with the F8 hardware)

We will have product available for purchase after we return from our family vacation the week of July 19th. Credit cards will not be charged until product ships for all pre-orders. Please email us to pre-order

Many Thanks!!

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Awesome! It can Fly like the best. :) :woot:​

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