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New clutch for Fummins.

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Ok i am running the factory ford ZF6 pressure plate and clutch disc. I am using a 13" cummins flywheel bored to accept the ford pilot bearing. As far as i have found it is kinda hard to find a replacement for it. The pressure plate is hard to find because of the dual mass pressure plate i am using. The pressure plate is flat style and so is the flywheel. How do manufatures make this conversion work? I know i can not use the cummins pressure plate setup it is too deep for the 6.0 zf6. i also know the 6.0 zf6 uses a self adjusting pressure plate which makes it hard to find. can i use the 7.3 zf6 setup i know it is a regular pressure plate setup ans uses the ford throwout bearing? i just dont know if the 7.3 is too deep for the 6.0 zf6 Any help guys?
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