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February 8, 2010

To: All Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships
Subject: Aftermarket Modifications – Warranty Cancellation

Aftermarket companies (referred to as "tuners") attempt to increase an engine's torque and power output beyond the design limits which may cause powertrain failures. This is often accomplished by modifying the engine calibration (referred to as "chipping") but may also include modifications or adjustments to other components. Per the Warranty Guide that is provided to the customer and the Warranty & Policy Manual, failures resulting from modifications are not warranted by Ford Motor Company.

All powertrains are subject to warranty cancellation if a modification causes a failure. For the 3.5L EcoBoost technical service bulletin TSB 10-2-6 was published to enable your technicians to determine:

If a powertrain failure resulted from an unauthorized modification
If the engine, transmission, or entire powertrain warranty should be cancelled
Per the inspection process included in this TSB a Ford Motor Company inspector may assist with this analysis. When the inspection process clearly indicates that a failure was caused by an unauthorized modification/alteration the repair should not be completed under Warranty and, using the following process, the vehicle's remaining Engine, Transmission, or Powertrain warranty should be cancelled.

To initiate a warranty cancellation on an affected vehicle, submit a warranty cancellation request form through This on-line form can be accessed as follows:
Select Parts & Service tab
Select Warranty Administration & Parts Return
Select Warranty Cancellation / Reinstatement Request Form
Complete and submit this form on-line.
Once the warranty is cancelled an OASIS message will advise all dealerships that the vehicle is no longer eligible for warranty coverage.
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