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I have decided to take a new product line and just to ease the pain of the Buy-In requirements I am offering these new intake systems at rock bottom prices.

I have been doing some research and studying and I am Very impressed with these intake systems and will be instlling one on each of my trucks that the make a system for. I am especially impressed with the pricing as they are MUCH cheaper than the AFE systems with out any sacrifice in quality.

Check out these links to find out more about these Intakes:

I am going to be offering two different price levels and this is how it will work.

I need 10-14 systems sold will and they will be $xxx.xx and if I get 15 plus sold the price will much lower than the 10-14 price.

If you are interested just give me a holler and I will be happy to give you the prices.

Diesel Performance Plus
[email protected]
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