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We all know the feeling when you see an ideal exterior add-on for your next off-road adventure and you feel that it is too hard to pass it... and then one beautiful morning you occasionally find it already installed on your truck. :)

If you don't feel like the plastic bumper on your F-250/F-350 is strong enough to take a daily beating or you simply want to beef up your truck - steel bumper by Road Armor will be your best bet.

Designed for your Ford F-250 specifically, it will boost up the versatility of your truck to the whole new level and ensure a secure protection of the most vulnerable parts of the front end. It features a modular design for numerous customization options and comes with interchangeable light pod inserts to install the additional source of light whenever you need it. Each and every Road Armor HD Bumper is made of high-quality steel and offers ultimate durability and versatility. It is manufactured in-house to meet the wants and needs of even the most avid off-roaders.

See prices and other important details on our website:

Road Armor® 3152DF-A0-P2-MR-BH - iDentity Full Width Raw Front HD Bumper at

Price: $2,224.61;
Availability: Manufactured;
Made in USA;

Transform the look of your truck the way you want and add a secure and reliable protection on it with Road Armor. More details about the manufacturer can be found at
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