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I mentioned this in a thread a week or so ago and I have been swamped with inquirys about it so here it is finally.

This is our official release of the New DIY Kit from Stealth.

Stealth Pump System DIY Kit

This is the kit that some of you have been waiting for. If you are a Do It Yourselfer then your prayers have been answered. You now can purchase a DIY Stealth Pump System kit that consists of the parts that you cant purchase anywhere else. Along with the kit you will have a 1-year manufacturer parts only warranty on the parts that we supply to you. The kit will include the following items:

1: Billet aluminum pump coupler.
2: Billet steel pump drive shaft.
3: Billet steel pump drive shaft coupler.
4: IPR plug.
5: A complete list of parts that you will need w/part numbers and suppliers to purchase them from.
6: Instructions on how to install the new drive shaft into your OEM pump.
7: Fully illustrated installation instructions for the Stealth Pump System.
8: Instructions on how to make your own dual IPR kit.
9: Instructions on how to make your own 4-line HPOP output kit.
10: 1-year manufacturer parts only warranty.

With almost 80 Stealth systems now on the road the Stealth Company has made every effort possible to provide the Best product and value to all of their customers.

Up till now we have had two options available in different price ranges from a Full kit to the cheaper Economy kit but Stealth is now trying to accomidate those people on an even tighter budget with this latest release of the DIY kit.

These New DIY kits are well under $1,000.00 and we expect them to be a huge hit as the interest has already been tremendous even before this official release.

If you have any questions or would like pricing please send me a PM, email or call and I will be happy to assist you further.


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