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We are now selling Flir camera systems. These are the same cameras used on the M1 Abrams Tank. The are an extremely easy install with just a power, ground, and a video wire to hook up. The camera will work with any DVD player or other screen that has the standard "Video In" connection.

Black & White Camera
Black & White Controller (zoom control and inverted image)

Full Feature Color Camera
Full Feature Color Controller (zoom control, inverted image, additional color options)
Full Feature Color Controller Ext S (allows external switches to adjust options on the fly)
Barracuda (Only for late model GM, gives DVD player Video In Motion and allows steering wheel and door controls to control On Star, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, and more plus the features of the Color Controller)

GONIGHT Full Feature Flir Camera W/Controller (Color Camera with Pan and Tilt)
GONIGHT Full Feature Flir Camera W/Controller & 7" Monitor (Color Camera with Pan and Tilt)

These systems are very well put together by a company here in FL and are not some cheap imitation found on ebay. Let me know if you have any questions.

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