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Seems like some knowledgable folks on here, so thought I would ask for some advice on a no start issue with my truck. First off, I have a 2006 6.0L with 45K. I bought the truck used with about 38K on it.

I have had a no start when hot condition with this truck 3 times. Let it cool off for a couple hours and she fires right up. The dealer has had the truck and replaced the ICP sensor. Since then I have had the no start again - so that wasn't the fix. It also seems like it has a very long crank when warm, but fine when cold. All the research I have done points to a leak in the HPOP. I have explained this to the dealer, unfortunately we haven't been able to get the truck to exhibit the no start condition at the dealer recently. They claim that they can't touch the truck until they get it to mess up. So the more I think about it, the more I think the truck has to really be hot for a no-start to occur. Idling and just driving around at 35mph isn't going to do it. This dealership is in a small town though, so I can't drive the truck at 65mph and pull right in the dealer and try to restart it. Does anyone on here know just how much high idle it will take to raise the oil temp enough to possibly cause a no-start?

This is frustrating and unacceptable to me. I've got to get this fixed or it's going to leave me again.

Thanks for the help.
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