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Please post here if you have fixed your overheat condition, what you did to fix it and how you define fixed. If you have any test data from the fix you used please post data on that as well. The more accurate, the better!

Do not report here if conditions meet one of the following:

unloaded or less than 75% of GCWR,
less than 90 degrees ambient
you have not tried your fix on a hill


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I have a 2004.5 3500 Dmax I bought new 2 years ago. It now has approx. 270,000 miles on it. I normally run at 24,000-28,000 gross vehicle weight, and max legal height and width on my trailer. I have a certain load I run to Tucson from Kansas on a regular basis. I have made the run approx. 24 times now. 16 of those trips turned on the first and second alarms multiple times, and reached forced defuel and AC shut down. Even during the winter months this would happen.

The V2 was then installed by TxChristopher, for free I might add, Simply to PROVE its ability. The truck has not turned on an alarm since! The normal trip has been made 8 more times now, some in triple digit heat and under almost every condition you can imagine. NO ALARMS!:) I'd say thats proof.:)

Thanks TX!!:)

I do not post, or even visit here that often. Contact TheBac if you need to get in touch with me.

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I agree with Rick there is another thread dedicated to the "advertisement of product".

Like other users, I would get off the go pedal when the temps rose. I never got to puking coolant, however I did spend extended periods of time with oil at 300 and ECT at 240+ in 85-90* weather. This was with the following mods. CAI, No Cat, No EGR, Stacked Seals and Shrouds, Edge on Level 2/2 and Boost stick.

Since that time I have added the V2, it has shrouds and an electric fan, removed the previous shrouds and left the rest of the truck alone. The results couldnt be duplicated on the next trip, the OAT was above 98*, the oil temp high was at 240 and the ECT could only get to the 211 range.

The second run was on the same highway in the same direction, the results:

OAT = 10+ degrees on trip 2.
Fan engagement down to 1 for trip 2 vs. 65% of trip 1
ECT down 30*
Oil temps down ~55*
EGT down 140*
Average speed was up from 61 mph to 68 mph.
MPG up almost 13%.
A/C appears cooler.
Transmission runs 10* cooler (factory gauge)

I suspect the shrouding kit with the V2 creates better flow through the stack, which helps the EGT, A/C, and transmission temps.

I have seen pictures of the EOC and it appears to have a similar shrouding kit included, end users of this have also reported cooler A/C, EGT, and Transmission.

Neither solution reduces the heat created, they are designed to aid in heat rejection. Both kits have addressed thermostat controls for cold weather operation. The V2 is using factory tstats and the EOC is using external devices.

FWIW I am happy with the results of my truck with the V2, I now run out of engine before I run out of cooling capacity.
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