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So, who has a 20-24' enclosed trailer with an A/C unit, generator and/or electrical hook-up so we can put a worktable, a couple of chairs, and the ice chest in?

I know Jody & Diane sold theirs (and I'm bettin' Eric ain't coming down from Michigan with it this year).

I may have one I can borrow to tow down, I just have to ask.

I was really hoping for a generator, though - so I could keep the computer plugged in and download pics and burn DVDs. And I can't buy one right now - got to get a transmission rebuilt first :damnit

Wayne, the real question now is, "Where are you going to store that crap now?"



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Honda. HA!

This what I'm talkin bout!

Have the older model of that one on my work truck that was there last year.

Raymond if you need power just use the trophy shack or you could use the scales it has a receptical.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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