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Noise in the front end! any ideas?

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Just replaced all 4 ball joints. they had seen better days. I was hoping that this was going to fix the banging and rattling noise in the front end. I thought it might be the sway bar because it makes noise only when one wheel hits a bump.if both wheels hit a bump at the same time there is no noise. I have checked the sway bar bushings and the end links. I did noticed the the axle seemed to move around a bit. where it come out of the axle housing and goes into the hub. is it possible that the small needle bearing is no good? any in put would be helpful. I just bought this truck in June. I'm not sure of its' history. It is a 03 Excursion 4x4. :toytruck
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Sounds like the needle bearing. Next time it makes the noise, kick it into 4x4 and see if the noise goes away...
O.k. what is the needle bearing? The reason I ask is that my wife's Ex has a noise and we thought it was the dang 4x4 hub which were shot but that didn't take care of it. Replace the ball joints. Sway bar end links. When you take a left turn and only a left turn it makes a grinding noise. Not all the time but about 40-50%. If you go around a rotary and hit bumps it seems like the front end is rattling itself loose. Go right and nothing.
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