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So once upon a time(yes long story) I was a pilot. I lost my medical due to heart problems, so I decided to try investment real estate and; being a real estate agent. I found out-like I was afraid of,- that sales is just not my thing. I also discovered that playing with the wife's nest egg to buy rental property was very stressful and not very lucrative. The last year or so I have been thinking about becoming a long haul truck driver. The plan was to drive full-time for a year or two and then get my own truck and drive every other month. This plan is now scraped also; because, all I have talked to- say you will barley pay for the truck doing that.(by the way I can get a DOT medical just not an FAA for flying).

So now I am thinking of buying a Dodge 3500 DRW to add to my fleet of a Dodge 2500 SRW and a F350(gasoline) and starting a (part time)Towing and Hauling business. I am looking at trucks from 94-2002--- and that brings me to my first question.

1-My current diesel is an 02 so I kind of know what to look for, and watch out for in the 98.5-2002 but; what do I need to watch out for with a 94-98 12v(price range 6000-12000)?

My LLC is in the mail, and I got a class E license today so I am just getting started.

2-I own a small single axle trailer and have access to a single car carrier and a large eight wheel flatbed.
Anyone have any advice on insurance for truck trailer and (the loads) I will be carrying+ do I need to own the larger trailers?

PS I have looked at some RV hauling on the Internet and it seems like they are mostly employee jobs, and I am determined to remain and independent driver.

3-probably the most important question is how do I find the loads? The Internet seems to have a number of sites that you can become a member of to find loads. I am concerned that they cater to the large trucks, and that like many things on the Internet they just want to get your money??? So it would be great if there is someone out there on this forum that is doing what I am wanting to do and can point me in the right direction???-I COULD USE A MENTOR ALSO...

Sorry for the long winded post but I need to do something other than, sit around and wait for my next heart problem.
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