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Thanks. Clean report, and clean car. Too bad it turned out to have multiple oil leaks after I purchased it. It has 149,000 miles, one owner, no accidents, and this clean Oasis report. Shop said it needs oil cooler gasket kit and fuel regulator gasket kit. It might also need a rear main seal, front cover seal, and it is unknown why there is sludge-like oil under the turbo. The dealership is willing to take it back if I buy a different vehicle, but the next best Excursion is a 2004 Eddie Bauer with 128,000 miles. That one is a two owner with a reported accident and I haven't seen the oasis report. Assuming that the accident was minor and the 2004 checks out as a good vehicle at shop, should I trade out my 05 with 149,000 miles with oil leaks for the 04. The other kicker is that the dealership might also be willing to fix the oil cooler leak and fuel leak, but it is not gauranteed that the leaks will all be fixed. The shop said that the cooler leaked so much, they can't tell if the rear main seal is leaking or if it is the oil from the cooler. They cleaned off the front seal, and they said it appears that it is not leaking.

Any input would be great.

I guess I could also it trade it for an 06 or 07 F-250 with closer to 100,000 miles, but I really wanted an Excursion.

If it would be better to fix the 05, should I pay for an aftermarket oil cooler and egr cooler while the shop has it torn apart?


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