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I copyed this from another forum. Going to be a great time with alot of people there. Duramax finish 1st threw 6th at the last pull. Think you Dodge and Ford guys have enough to get in there and compete. Or you all scared. Will have more info.

There will be a benefit pull for Dave daniels who is recovering from a severe illness and now in rehabiltation. All proceeds will be going to rehab an medical bills "Pullin for Dave" There will be antique tractors starting at 10:00. At 4:00 Pro farm tractors will pull followed by 4X4 diesel pickups

Will be held at chestertown elks lodge

Oct.31, 2009 $20.00 per hook Reg. will start a 8:00 for tractors

Diesel pickups will start reg. at 2:00

Classes for diesel pickups 8000lbs street legel and 8000lbs Modified up to 2.8 turbo

8631 bell rose lane Chestertown, md 21620 ( 410-778-6370 )
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