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I have the leveling kit (2.5 inch Icon with adjustable panhard bar)

Tires I have got down to 2 choices either 35 x12.5 R20 General Grabber AT2 or Hankook Dynapro 325/65 R20 (I want to run and All-Terrain)

My problem is the wheels...I can find wheels I like...but where things get confusing is trying to figure out which offset/backspacing to use. I want to run a 20 x 9 and I would like to keep the tires fairly tucked without rubbing the radius arms. I am aware I will probably need to modify the inner fender liner and I don't mind putting on a set of color matched OE style flares.

A 2.5 leveling kit, 35 x 12.5 (or equivalent) and 20x9 inch wheel has got to be fairly common mods for a 2010 Super duty.

So if you have this setup (or one close to it) Let me know your wheel offsets and clearances.:help

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