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Weirdest thing, I changed the oil in my 97 with the bulk 15w40 we use at work and at first start up it runs fine but as soon as the oil warms a little theres a sputtering at light throttle. Doesn't really matter what speed, just light throttle. Not really a miss but more of a sputter and the tone of the injectors changes at idle. Kinda bucks slightly depending on what gear and how fast I'm going. I changed the oil again with DELO 15-40 thinking the oil might be the problem but no change.

Couple things I have checked.
1. The ICP sensor. Unplugged the sensor and it still seems to do it.....might be a little better but its definitely still there.
2. Cleaned IPR screen. No change.
3. Unplugged Exhaust back pressure sensor. No change.
(The bulk oil is CJ4 rated that we use in MTU4000's)

One thing to note....when you mash the go peddle it seems to have more power now than it did doesn't "miss" persay just has the sputtering sound at light throttle and the injector tone change/ slight rpm change at idle.

Any ideas? IPR maybe?
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