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I prefer to have my livewire mounted in a location where it's easy to get to and easy to read but not blocking a lot of the view. However, the suction cup window mount and regular obd2 cable won't allow you to mount it in a very good spot. It's ether to far away to read clearly, or it's taking up a lot of room. So I decided to make my own cable and mount for a better install.

I wanted to have the livewire mounted in the top left hand corner of the front windshield. So first things first, I decided to make a low-profile cable for the livewire since the original hangs down to far and is impossible to do anything with.
View attachment 11528

The cable consists of the OBD2 connector on one end, and a standard CAT5E computer Ethernet cable that you can get at walmart. Rather than cut up my main cable and risk it not working. I bought a second cable and joined them together with a male to male adapter. You'll need to trim back about 1/4 inch of the plastic from the plug to allow a flush fit when inserted fully. I ended up cutting away the main support for the cable, so be careful with it. I then filled the backside with RTV to add some more support. Here's a view of the cable that came with the Livewire (left), the standart CAT5E ethernet cable (center) and my modified CAT5E cable (right).
View attachment 11530

Now when the cable is inserted it can be folder around the back of the livewire to take up almost no room at all.
View attachment 11529
You could use this trick to make it sit closer to the dash as well.

Now I needed to make a custom bracket to mount the livewire closer to the windshield. I came up with this piece I made from some scrap aluminum I had laying around the house.
View attachment 11532 View attachment 11533
I made it reach up above the head liner and attach to the same bolts that hold the sun visor in place for added strength. I got suction cups from the craft section of walmart to stabilize the mount. The suction cups are just to hold it steady, they support no physical weight at all. Then I plugged the modified CAT5E cable into the livewire, the regular end into the adapter, the original cable into the adapter, and then into the OBD2 port. To ensure everything fit and worked as it should.
View attachment 11531

Then I re-installed the sun visor mount and anything els that I took apart, along with hiding the cable in the A-pillar. I coiled the excess of both below the dash. Now it's all mounted up nice and neat, and I still have my original cable 100% in tact if I ever wanted to remove it for any reason.
View attachment 11535

An extra thing I thought about was to do something with the OBD2 connector by your feet. It hung down pretty low and I was always scared that I would kick it and break it off. So, I unbolted the plug and mounted it to the other side of the bracket. Super easy to do. Now the livewire plugs in from the firewall side and sticks up behind the dash where it is impossible to kick.
View attachment 11534

I had this done in a days time. Most of which was spent planning a mounting bracket. It's not a hard project, but you will need some way of working with metal to make the bracket. And if you want a black cable, be sure to buy a black cable. I made the blue one here with the thought of painting it black, but it turns out that paint doesn't stick to the coating that is on most of these cables.


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