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P-Pump 24v in 08 f-250...

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MY 6.4 is in need of a rebuild. Instead of dropping the $$ on the powerstroke I figured now would be the perfect time to swap in a cummins... Too many truck pulls running the 310 tune took its tole on my stock turbo and gaskets... truck made it 67,000 HARD miles.

My plans:

-24V engine
- P-Pump conversion (180 pump)
- Injectors (dont know what size yet)
- 66mm Turbo
- 100# springs and billet pushrods
- Towing Cam
- port and polished heads
- Studs

5 or 6 speed manual
- Valair DD clutch

My goal is around 600-650 hp. Towing around the farm, Daily driving, reliability, somewhat of a 2.6 pulling truck...

What am I leaving out engine wise? Is this setup with a p-pumped 24v and injectors with a bigger pump and a 66mm turbo going to be streetable? How much lag will I have running the 66?

Any input on this setup would definatly be apreciated. As I said, I could rebuild the 6.4 but for the price, and the mods needed, reliability would become a concern.
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Your going to want twins, 62 over s475. Its the only down fall of the P-Pump, its not as tuneable as the vp or cp3. It will be smokey and laggy on lowend with that 66 and towing wont be so nice. The cam and headwork will help, but if you want good street maners and lots of power just do the twins
Only reason I am thinking the p24v is because it is simply a 12v with more air flow... When I talked to beans Diesel, who i will be having do the swap, they were strongly pushing my in the common rail direction to go the electric tuning route.

Should I continue with going the cummins route or drop more $$ into the powerstroke...

What engine combination would you drop in my truck? What setup has proved to make power but also be a workhorse and still be streatable?
Twins... no doubt about it. Also spend the extra dime on the CR, you will thank yourself. If you are going to commit to doing the swap, keep it 21st century! Your truck will hold it's value better and be much easier to sell down the road if it has a CR, unless you plan on dying with the truck! We have a P-pumped 24v and I'll be the first to tell you it is the most bad***** truck I have ever driven, but on a daily basis I'd still rather have something that is quiet and that I can adjust power levels with just the punch of a few buttons. PM me or give me a holler, I'd like to talk to you a bit more about your conversion!

-Steel 406-222-5440
I love my 12v in my superduty, but im with steel on this one spend the coin on the common rail, with twins you wont be dissapointed!
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I love my 12v in my superduty, but im with steel on this one spend the coin on the common rail, with twins you wont be dissapointed!
Not that your 12v isn't absolutely BOMB JP :happymugs Just sayin as far as resale and day in day out drivability goes. I guess alot of it comes down to one's personal opinion. I take my truck on 1000+ plus mile trips and like the fact I can still hear myself think when I hit the open road. LOL
I got to give the ole 12v props though, i work pipeline and travel the country. Done a few 1000+ mile trips this yr and has gotten awesome mileage and with the addition of my stack baffle i made its very quiet!!! Right now im talking to a guy about building twins and making it even more fun!
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Thanks guys for the input! Steel I will definatly be giving you a call tomorrow (Friday) to talk this whole thing out. This truck does make long distance trips 4-5 times a year. The reason to go to a cummins is obviously for reliability. Nothing is more reliable than a mechanically injected 12 or p24v engine. I have not given too much consideration to the common rail really cause honestly I dont know much about them.

I would like to get this all planned out. As long as the P pumped 24v is still streatable and not to obnoxious on the highway, and can pull a trailer, so far it seems like the way to go.

I am defiantly still open to options which is nice.
go CR if you can and stick with a single so you can still pull 2.6. otherwise go for the 24v, it will be ok on the street, not the same as a CR though.

Like I say, P-pumped 24v's are sick! But if you were going on a long trip, about the time you get 50 miles down the road you are about ready to shoot yourself, whereas the CR is nice and quiet, and always super smooth in comparison. The CR's are just as reliable in my opinion when setup right. Twins are badazz, but if you opt for a single, I would reccomend either a Silver 62 or 64. The 62 is much better for daily driving, runs cooler and spools quicker, and much better for towing. If you are wanting to compete, however, you may go for the 64 as it will get you a little farther and is still streetable. Evan you also have a PM!
What did you decide to do? I've got a CR sitting here with your name on it! lol
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