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PCM Locked

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I heard that FORD will be following the Dodge efforts on the 09-up to lock the PCM on 2011 and forward so it cannot be programmed, any truth to that?
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They have had a truck to play with. Don't ask how they were able to but they did. From what I understand, they had 300 hp over stock pulled out of it within no time. Said it was overheating on the dyno due to the camo deal they had over the front end to keep them hidden. He has stated numerous times that this motor is going to be an absolute beast!
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If all could be told, it would. But it can't. This subject is the "Area 51" issue on the forums right now, except trust me, it happened. If you could connect the dots, then you would believe it. Thats all I am gonna say.
If I had proof, I would. But I have heard this from a reliable source. I can't prove anything with a photo or a video, so call me crazy all ya want. I was told this sitting in the staging lane at a drag strip last fall by someone who was getting the 275 tune dialed in at the time. The description I was given of the motor, especially describing the turbo system, was spot on when the motor specs were released to the public. Imagine the look on my face when a single sequential system was trying to be explained! Anyway, call me crazy but when I read the release about the motor I believed every word I was told because it was spot on from what we know now.
1 - 3 of 90 Posts
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