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PCM Locked

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I heard that FORD will be following the Dodge efforts on the 09-up to lock the PCM on 2011 and forward so it cannot be programmed, any truth to that?
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Well I have read where ford has updated the flashes on current trucks and some of the tuning vendors are struggling to get tunes for them. Bullydong is one of the more recent ones. But it seems the sct tuning crowd is not having the same issues... I think cracking the software strongly depends on the equipment used. I'd really like to hear more about spartan fixing glitches in software... Or some of the spartan guys confirming that they had their hands on a truck. Pictures would also be great. I get what ford position on tuning is. I imagine though that having a desirable truck to modfy would boost sales. Look what the 6.4 will do compared to any of the other trucks with about $2500 invested. They are very impressive. And seem to hold together in the 13 and lower track times
The question that hasn't been asked is..... What are they planning to do to make it easier for them to tell if the truck has been tuned? If I was ford I would figure a way to log thousands of hours or miles. This would make it really hard to hide a tuner or modifications made to the truck. Maybe they used the after market to figure that out? People will be tuning their trucks it is a given. If the truck made 1500hp and 2500lbs of torque we would still be on the hunt for more power.
1 - 2 of 90 Posts
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