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PCM Locked

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I heard that FORD will be following the Dodge efforts on the 09-up to lock the PCM on 2011 and forward so it cannot be programmed, any truth to that?
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If anyone believes that Ford has loaned a new truck to an aftermarket vendor as to allow a PCM code to be cracked then I have some ocean front property in Tennessee I'd love to sell yah.

Ford does not look fondly on tuners since there are programs that have caused engine failure and created a higher warranty repair rate. That is no rumor. That is fact. If Ford is loaning 2011 trucks out post up the pics.

I have my nomex fire suit on so fire away. ;)
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Post up the pics on the dyno and I will retract my statement. Without pics it didn't happen. I work for one of the largest Ford dealers in the nation and I am well aware of Ford's policies. Ford does not loan out trucks to tuners. :haha They discourage the use of them. :popcorn
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Does that mean that they have done the programming on a 6.7? I seriously doubt it however It does create the rumor that they are ahead of everyone else in the marketplace. This in my opinion is good marketing. Will they be the first to crack the code? Who knows? That is all this rumor is. "MARKETING." :D
I would expect them to say the pcm is locked. I would also expect them to give Spartan a test mule and for Spartan to keep it to themselves.

Ford is all about getting the price of stock higher. A high warranty rate hurts this. High warranty rates hurt sales and creates a lot of problem for dealer techs. This new engine is all Ford. No Navistar to blame here.

Would you allow this if it was your money (or investors) and you had to stand behind it?

Go get you a 2011 and reflash it. Hope it stays together because I will bet that dealer turning their head becomes a thing of the past. Heck the engine probably will only retail for $14k. (I am guessing)
Do you really think that a sales rep knows anything about PCM programming?
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