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PCM Locked

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I heard that FORD will be following the Dodge efforts on the 09-up to lock the PCM on 2011 and forward so it cannot be programmed, any truth to that?
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Well there is more displacement and better/more studs so it should make more than the 6.4 once they get the emissions off it......

I would also love to hear some numbers! Funny Ford hasn't even realed their numbers yet and someone has already had it tuned!! or at least a REAL good look at it
Then dont belive it then..... Cause obviously nothing happens without going through you or Robots??
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You make it seem that its impossible for this to happen... I don't know if it did or not but to say that it didn't without evedidence is just your opinion.

You seem like a person that knows people, have you never got something that no one else could get? Maybe Matts brother works at Ford or maybe the rumors are true that Matt has actually helped with some of the tuning quirks with production vehicles and if true either of those may get a truck to Matt to play with or maybe they are just rumors??
It also doesn't say they didn't.....

It comes back to that who you know thing again; IF they did get it for a day to play with are they going to tell YOU?? No they would keep it quiet so they dont ruin their chance next time.
The question that hasn't been asked is..... What are they planning to do to make it easier for them to tell if the truck has been tuned? If I was ford I would figure a way to log thousands of hours or miles. This would make it really hard to hide a tuner or modifications made to the truck. Maybe they used the after market to figure that out? People will be tuning their trucks it is a given. If the truck made 1500hp and 2500lbs of torque we would still be on the hunt for more power.
we will always want more..... its just who we are!! LOL

If they logged 100 miles who's to say that the tuner wouldn't jsut lift that log and put it back in when it goes back to stock???
ya I find it a little funny on the 6.4 also, you go in for warranty and all counters are set back to zero... Never had any problems yet so I guess its fine
If that was tuned that was pretty weak!! LOL Maybe they just tuned it to get the dead weight off it for now???
Its KEM, and they have a delete pipe, but its just the delete pipe and a basic tune, not nearly ready for full throttle or anything.
Did I miss something? if its not ready for WOT why is it for sale??? Or will it be like the 6.4 and the customer gets led on for ever waiting for something that isn't ready to be sold?? Like I did from certain people.......
1 - 8 of 90 Posts
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