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Hey guys, I have decided to get rid of my 2010 F-350 6.4l Diesel and have some parts that someone may be interested in. I will be putting them on ebay but figured that I would list them here first. When I do put them up on ebay I will list the links here.

I have a Spartan Tuner, it has not been updated with the newest flash. I know they need to be re registered through Spartan but I don't know how much that entails. I urge you to check. The truck has been set back to stock so it should be ready to go with a new license. $600 OBO

I also have the SS cat/dpf delete pipe with the threaded sensor holes. Around $200 OBO ???

I have the AFE Pro Dry S Stage 2 Type Cx Intake System (pretty sure that is the model) I can send pix if needed. $200 OBO

I also have the quick install brackets that mount to your frame and make installing your 5th wheel rails a breeze. $100 OBO


Also, a few more things that I should probably stick on here, these are things that I purchased and found out that I didn't need. They are all in perfect working order.

Dual Climate control panel w/heated seat buttons, thought mine was broke but it was only a blend door. The panel works perfectly fine. Part# 7c3t-18c612-dd $100 OBO

Blower Motor Control Module / Resistor Purchased and realized the blower motor itself was bad. MOTORCRAFT Part # YH1827 Ford PN 9l3z-19e624-b $25 OBO

OD Solenoid, purchased and found out the torque converter was bad. Solenoid works fine. PN# 3c3z-7j136-ba $75 OBO

Solenoid body with all solenoids installed, purchased for parts. Can list details or send photos on request. $250 OBO

All of these parts have been on the truck and are used, but all work perfectly fine.

Guy Parker
[email protected]
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