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Hi all,
This was the first event for the newly formed South Carolina TDR chapter.
The event was held at Perfection Clutch Headquarters in Timmonsville,Sc.
There was a very good turnout.A lot of hard work was put into this event,
and it showed.the folks at Perfection clutch did everything they could to
make sure everyone had a good time.David and I look forward to coming back
next year.

Here are the dyno results,

Mitchell Oates - 2005 Liberty-152.
Robert Rizzo-2005 Liberty-185.5
Greg Fincannon-2000 Dodge-663.9-1130.9
Anthony Cook-2001 Dodge-351.1-801.
Scott Brigmen-2000 F250-265.8-523.1
Mark Edwards-2004 Dodge-269.7-506.6
Russell Gray-1993 Dodge-158.2-352.8
Richard Barfield-2005 Dmax-270.6-448.8
Tracy Steverson-1999 Dodge-369.9-823.1
John Glasgow-2004 Dodge-745.2-1333.2 fuel-849.3-1500+ Nos
Darian Sullivan-1998 Dodge-262.4-617.7
Steve Ostrovsky-2005 Dodge-287.7-544.4
Brandon Parks-2003 Dodge-394.3-753.4
George Geddings-2005 Dmax-337.1-712.1
Felix Nicocini-1999 Dodge-377.3-869.3
Gary Croyle-2005 Dodge-397.8-791.3
Perfection Clutch-2005 Dodge-391.7-752.5
Chris Webb-2003 Dodge-336.1-666.2
Bill Boucher-2002 F250-290.3-597.
Kenny McClellan-1993 Mustang-222.7-264.8
Duke Marsh-1997 Camaro-252.3-280.7
Gil King-1999 Dodge-308.9-683.1
Bob Krug-2005 Dodge-445.9-894.7
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