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Pickup Pump Problem 7.3

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I have an 89 F350 Crew Cab Dually with a 7.3 and an A/T behind.

My problem is we just put a New Carquest Brand Pickup/Lift Pump on it today and cannot get it to Pump fuel up to the Filter. We removed the fuel line going into the fuel filter and attached a manual vacuum pump to it and using it we had no problem pulling fuel up. After removing the vacuum pump and turning the motor over a couple of different times, we still could not get it to pump fuel up to that point.

Hope someone can help me figure out what my problem is...
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Indeed, it is very difficult to repair the motor. In comparison to other parts of the car, this is really a challenge which requires good experience and a qualified specialist. It is almost impossible to carry out such repairs independently at the proper level. My brother also decided to become a good minder and to understand all types of car repair. He even got a specializing education in this sphere in the university and finished a special program to become an auto mechanic But even he does not undertake such work.
either the pump duzn't work or you're sucking air
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