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2010 F250
24,000 miles
Purchased "New"
DPF delete/EGR "off" & Spartan tuner at 600 miles
Never raced or abused

I just changed the oil in my truck after 3,500 miles, with approximately 650 miles towing my bass boat and 600 miles towing my 8,000# fifth wheel.

I've never let anyone else change my oil in the past 40 years, so unless I'm getting old and forgetful, I'm pretty sure that I put 15 quarts of Shell Rotella 15w40 at the last oil change.

Anyway, I always check to see how much oil I drain and this time I was shocked that it was only 12 1/2 Quarts!

The motor isn't leaking any oil and it is impossible to tell if I'm getting any out the tail pipe since there is a lot of soot from not having the DPF.

This is my 5th Ford 6.4 and the first time I have ever experienced any oil consumption in between my scheduled oil changes (3,000 to 4,000 miles). I did have the "extra oil / fuel in oil" problem on my first 6.4, but solved that problem with turning off the EGR.

Any Ideas where my Oil is going?!?!?!?!

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Pop off the lower CAC hose and see if you have oil buildup there from failing turbo oil seals. That is a serious issue that can cause engine runaway and total destruction. That is one place that oil can leak and not be immediately obvious.

Oil can also potentially leak into the cooling system from a few types of failures, but that should be readily obvious from inspecting the degas bottle for oil contamination, overfill, etc.

I'd send a sample to Blackstone to see what contamination there might be in the oil. Of course I send a sample from every oil change anyway, which is a good idea since it establishes a baseline and history.
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