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Anyone around Central Alberta with a DPF delete want to participate in Dyno Days?
Or is anyone looking for a DPF delete around central Alberta?
I will sell a PPE Hot Race 2 Flo Pro 4" exhaust DPF delete and S&B Intake at cost to anyone who can make Dyno Days. I have all parts on the shelf in Red Deer Alberta Canada
They will also have to report mileage gains and truck driveability. I beleive PPE is the premier Duromax Tuning company and I would like to try the Hot Race 2 +300HP DPF delete tuner on the same Dyno same days as a Ford 6.4 Spartan + 275 tune.

Let me know or send me a PM if interested.


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have you ever had any complaints with LMM's cutting out when put under a load running open exhaust with a PPE HOT i would think about a tranny problem but i can back off or accelerate through it... doesnt make sense
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