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PPE is Working on a Tune for the LMM

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Even though EFI Live was the first, Joe Komaromi at PPE, the engineer who came up with everything is working on tunes for the Duramax LMM, hopefully within the next few months, we may see this product
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Hopefully tommorow I can ride in it, someone else who rode in it says it has serious pick up and no smoke.
I believe it is available now
KERR said:
if im not mistaken they said it was slightley better number than the old motors, which was like 250-260hp and 650-660 lbtq with the programmer set on "kill mode" :)....

If one of you get one please post a video... i love to see a set of 245-75-16's try to hold 1300 lbtq lol...
I'll PM you when I get a video, if you want I can send you one of 35s breaking loose.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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