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Pretty dang High EGT's

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Bout 2 weeks ago I finally got some guages, well I found out that my egt's are through the roof(1300-1400) while mashing on it, I'm wondering what i need to do to get them down where they need to be? :damnit

And by the way I have a PCS file that jody (dptuner) made for me for the 5r110 behind my conversion if anyone might need some help.:rock
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what size injectors, dv's, fuel plate, afc tuning, manifold, and port work on head, what size turbo....need all that info
Well, marine 360's, 64 turbo,stock fuel plate opened all the way up, about half of the afc starwheel turned and no modification on the smoke screw....No head work, stock manifold,stock 6.0 intercooler,
I wonder what degree timing it is ,,,it could need advancing?
timing could definitely help as well as ditching the marine injectors unless you are running marine pistons.

What do you suggest sspeeDemons?
if you arent running marine pistons then i would suggest a 5x.012 with the correct spray pattern. i like the Southern Diesel X injectors. stage II would work for you good.

as far as timing if you dont have studs then you should probably think about getting some as you're probably on the verge and more timing will push you over. i would say to bump timing to 18*. thats a good street level.

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It probably would take Me a whole day to time it!! Straw season is near and got to get those 467's ready!!
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