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I guesss this is how I can find out what all is available from the vendors here at TDG. HOpe I am doing it correctly!!

I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel. I am looking for a pump cover to use with my edge drag comp. If I could get a price on that, it would be great.

Also, looking into getting a clutch for the 6 speed trans. Not sure what I am looking for, but was looking into a Dual Disk, would that be smoother shifts than a single that will hold high horsepower. Probably never will go over 500 horsepower, but right now just going to run the edge comp and mild injectors. If I could get one of the vendors opions on this and a price that would be great.

One other thing, I have a 4 in turbo back exhaust, do any yall sale the exhausts by the piece. I would really like to have a new rear piece that goes over the axle. Mine exits straight out the side and I want one that comes out at more of an angle so it doesn't smutt the side of the truck up so bad. Just curious if it was possible to get just pieces of an exhaust system. If there is could i get a price on an aluminized back half and whole system.

Thank to all the vendors for supporting this site, what a great site it is, I get more info from here than anywhere else on the net. Don't know what I would do if I hadn't found out about the TDG!!:Thumbup:

Thanks to any and all answers to these questions.

Thanks for supportting the site.

Thanks again.:thanks:
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