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Every truck owner becomes off-road enthusiast once in a while so preparing your truck for another off-road adventure is always useful thing to do. When this moment comes, make sure that your investment is protected from all the sides. With Body Armor Bumpers on your truck you can be sure that your Ford F-150 will handle any abuse and withstand the most extreme road conditions.

Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, they feature Mini-Tex deep black powder coat finish with 2 coats of a zinc based primer for maximum corrosion resistance and 4 welded light tabs for long distance HID lights on the front bumper. The rear bumper has dimple die pattern on the step decks and non-slip surface. The bottom of the bumper tappers up from the center out to provide improved ground clearance while providing improved protection. Both bumpers have bolt-on installation and require no drilling.

Body Armor® Desert Series Full Width Black Front Winch Tubular Bumper with Pre-Runner Guard

Body Armor 4x4® - Desert Series Full Width Rear Pre-Runner Bumper without Back Up Light

Equip your Ford F-150 with Body Armor Bumpers at CARiD!
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