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In situations where extra storage space is needed, either for a one-off occasion or on a more permanent basis, the easiest solution is to look at getting a bed extender. Although there are many different types of bed extenders, most work by allowing you to use the open tailgate area as storage space too. So that whatever you're hauling doesn't just fly right off the back of your truck, the open tailgate area will be enclosed by some sort of railing or cage. Even though it may not seem like that extra foot or two of storage space is going to make a big difference, you'll be amazed how much extra stuff you're able to haul as a result. To install a bed extender, a little bit of drilling is normally required. Every bed extender should come with a drilling template that will act as a guide to show you where to drill holes for the brackets that will house the cage. Some further assembly may be necessary to piece together the cage itself from the tubes and bars that are supplied. In most cases, the dimensions of the cage are adjustable which is what allows bed extenders to fit various different trucks with different dimensions. We aim to provide our customers with the finest Bed Extenders the industry can offer and would like to share with you our best options.

Lund® - Hitchrack Truck Bed Extender Lund® 601021 - Hitchrack Truck Bed Extender

Truck Covers USA® - American Tail-Mate Load Extender Truck Covers USA® AX-850 - American Tail-Mate Load Extender

Dee Zee® - Truck Bed Extender Dee Zee® - Truck Bed Extender

AMP Research® - BedXTender HD™ Bed Extender AMP Research® - BedXTender HD? Bed Extender

Make sure to check an installation video:

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