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Rebuilding 96 7.3

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This is my first diesel engine rebuild. I am looking to get a good amount more power. I have no idea where to start with finding gaskets, injectors, hpops, fuel systems, and all of the other performance parts that will add power. It is a zf5 manual, will be installing dual disk south bend street clutch, after the rebuild. Need ideas, tips, suggestions, whatever will help, please.
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More air in + more fuel + more air out = good amount more power. Only limitation is $$$. Cost of getting to point of assembly, assuming your doing that, is not inexpensive.

Main thing is everything needed to make more power needs to work together to maximize power gains. I would recommend researching and then talking with several reputable diesel performance companies. HP gain is directly related to $$$. Set a budget and they will be able to give you some options. And if you get it all in a package you might come out a little better on cost.

Oh, I will tell you from experience. You would be wise to factor in to your budget a 10% - 20% cost over run. And if you're married make sure your in good standing. And tell her the cost for your rebuild is twice what you plan to spend. Then hopefully you can say...Look how much $$$ I saved honey!
If you have to ask how much you can't afford it
I recently did some upgrades to my 1994 7.3, i built it for towing primarily. I’ve used different suppliers but have had good luck with Prosource Diesel and Full Force Diesel for upgraded injectors and upgraded Turbo, if you upgrade the injectors you may need to upgrade HPOP depending on what size injectors you upgrade to, pretty pricey but worth the result. Not as costly would recommend upgrading the intake as well as the exhaust down pipe, delete the catalytic converter and go with a 4” or 5” straight pipe exhaust. Adding a chip with multiple settings will give pretty much instant results. On of the best upgrades I did early on was upgrading to an electric fuel pump and got rid of the old mechanical one, cleans up the valley and makes future upgrades easier. Take your time and shop around, do your research, from time to time you can find some deals on parts but for the most part they are all pretty much in same ballpark. Call suppliers and talk to their staff, most are pretty helpful and knowledgeable, if you talk to them and tell them what you are trying to achieve, they can help guide you in the right direction. good luck
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