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I am rebuilding a junk yard seat for my wife’s 96 F250. The seat is out of the same body style truck with the Eddies Bower interior. Her truck right now has bucket seats and we are swapping them for this one. It has two independent seats with a center console flip seat and all of it mounts to a steel platform. This thing is nasty. The previous owner was a slob and I wish I could kick his *** for treating his interior this way. Anyhoo, I am tearing the whole thing down. I am cleaning all the soft material. The stains and cat piss smells have come out of the one seat I have already torn down. All the metal is getting the rust removed and painted nice. The goal here is to have functioning seats that work, are free of stains and cat piss and are conformable to sit in. She has to have a very specific set of slip on seat covers so the cigarette burns are not an issue. Here is where I am at so far and my questions.

I removed all three seats from the platform. This is what the driver and passenger seat look like assembled. I left the driver seat assembled so I know how to put the passenger side back together.

This is the passenger’s side seat torn down. The seat covers are in the washing machine and the foam is hanging up drying.

This is the lower portion of the seat frame. I am concerned about the wires that are held tight by the springs. Some of them have some rust and I think it would be a good idea to go ahead and replace them. I have no idea what kind of wire that is though or where to get it. Any ideas?

This is the lumbar bladder. It is busted wide open and I am assuming the other one is just as bad. Other than the dealership (if they even still carry them) where else should I look for one of these? It has to be new.

These are the sliders the seat moves back and fourth on. They are in good shape but are rusty and I hear grit in the sliding part. I want to take them apart, clean them, lube the slider well, and paint the bare metal. Any ideas at all on how to take the damn things apart?

This is the center seat, more on that later.

This is the platform it all mounts to. This thing was gross. I think the ***** spilled every kind of liquid down on it. You are seeing it after I spent a lot of time and water hosing it off.
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