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I am looking to purchase a 2005 International with 24' van with a DT-466 4300 series engine. Previous owner: Budget rental (fleet vehicle) down south U.S. At 117 000 km's it had a engine rebuild kit, new turbo and new fuel injectors. Currently has 208,000 km's on chassis (means 90,000 km's) on rebuilt engine.

Is this engine a 'lemon', or do I have a new engine on my hands here? What questions should I be asking the dealer? I ran the VIN number to get this info.

What types of tests (if any) can a third party mechanic do to test this engine?

One of the problems the truck had was that it was suffering from power failure. I think some sort of pump may have also failed, but not too sure. Does this make sense?

Thanks guys and gals
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