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Central Michigan Performance Diesel
Remus Truck Pulls

$15.00 a Hook % Payback Contact: Adam Cornell: 989-621-9806 Blanchard June 23rd Weigh in 5-7 Kevin Chaffee:989-560-1457
Remus July 14th Weigh in 4-6, Sept 1st Weigh in 5-7

Street Diesel Truck Rules
• 7000 & 8000 lb classes. Trucks must have stock appearance. Must have upholstered interior. Factory mounted fuel tanks and batteries
• One Power adder allowed: Chip, Cam Pate, Computer Box, etc. (air intake, exhaust not considered power adders.) Stacked Chips not allowed in this class.
• Truck smoke limited to “GREY” haze. Black smoke automatically moves truck up to modified diesel. (determined by tech)
• Maximum wheelbase permitted 158 inches.
• Maximum engine size: 460 cubic inches. Engine must be factory in one ton or smaller pickup truck. Engine must remain in stock location as intended by manufacturer.
• Hook point must be no closer than 48 inch of centerline of rear axle, hitch height maximum of 26 inches, minimum of 3 inch opening. The hitch point must be a “Reese Type” hitch. No other types of hitches are permitted. Hitch point must be easily accessed. No “trick” type hitches permitted. Hitch must be stationary in all directions.
• Stock appearing injection pump required.
• Mechanical or electronic fuel injection permitted.
• Must have D.O.T. approved tires. Maximum tire height: 35 inches. No studded tires or chains. No bar or terra tires. Dual rear wheels permitted.
• Front weights must be no more than 60” from the center line of the front axle to forward most point and be securely fastened.
• Only OEM transmissions and transfer cases permitted.
• All differentials must be OEM from one ton or smaller pickup truck and have working brakes on all axles.
• Rear suspension must have a minimum of 1 inch of travel.
• Traction and ladder bars allowed. Drive shaft loops recommended
• Exhaust must exit straight up or down or have two 3/8” inch bolts mounted in cross pattern.
• Driver must have proof of insurance and registration. Trucks may be trailered to event.
• Track and tech officials’ decisions are final. (trucks will be teched if questionable)

Modified Diesel
• 7000 & 8000 lb classes.
• Must meet Street Diesel rules.
• All Power Adders allowed: Stacked Boxes, Chips, any Turbo Configuration, Nitrous, and Propane.
Gas Truck
• 6000 and 7000 lb classes. Must meet all pertaining diesel rules.
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