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Reverse Lights...

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Got around to working on the reverse lights...

If one is using a 48RE than this will hopefully help identify what is needed to make the reverse lights work. On my application the back up sensors activated aswell.

On the 48RE there is a 6 port plug on the lower drivers side, first pic, that will provide the signal wire for making them work. I T-taped into the Tan/Green tracer wire and ran it to a relay in the engine compartement.

The other necessary wire is on the Ford harness. By following the rear harness from the back of the truck into the engine compartment one will find two plugs, one black and one gray. On the gray 12 port plug, one will find a Black/Pink tracer wire, that is the feed wire. See second pic.

I used a single pole relay and it seems to work perfect. It was our guess that the reverse sensors would not be working but surprise that they did. Bonus.

Please excuse the mock up wiring in the pics, better fit and finish to follow. Wanted to make sure it all worked.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I fused the 12V link to the battery with a 7.5A fuse that has not yet poped. Carrying a 10A with me just in case.


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interesting....I just picked up the relay trigger by tapping into one
of the reverse LIGHT BULB wires behind the rear tail light/lens.
I wish it were that easy for my situation. The wires to the reverse bulbs had no power to them after the original trans was pulled. This was just to get the OEM bulbs to activate.
Good deal Brian, very helpful! Glad you have reverse lights! No running over little kids! lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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