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Robts Cummins Conversion update

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Well Since 2004 my truck has gone through alot of changes. I bought the truck in late 2004 after trading in my 2002 7.3l crew cab. I love the truck but they offered me 30k for it and it had 78000 miles on it and I wanted a toy. The 2002 saw winters. Plus I got 0% for 6 years:hump See Video of my 2002

Next I bought the truck and installed a 6" lift and 37on 22's. It had a TS intigator and a powerpup. Was all right but soon it had a SCT and then it was game on. ALso the stereo and tintied windows went in.

After this in the winter of 2006/7 I installed the new 22" wheels, fox shox with billet resivors and new 2005 front end. Also inslalled a detroit tru trac and 4.56 gears, billet badges,stacks, Nitrous, train horns, remove the step bars and factory stickers and recon lights

At silverlake in 2007 on memerial day I blew my turbo. At that time I realized I need more so I called ELite and order 190,VGT-ss, and a suncoast tranny. This lasted a short time since I knew I wanted compounds.This was a short time plan. Everyone was back up on building compounds and figured I wait till winter. The only mistake was I had the weasle Bbunting fromBlackwidow build my compounds. Biggest mistake of my life. I would not recommend him to anyone. Here is my Elite combo. Worked awesome. With the 225's that I eventually installed and a 102 jet I hit 668hp and that was my finally number

So after that I decided to build the 6l, order the compounds and install a new hood and light bar. Also installed all HIDs. I also installed more gauges

Here is Stuck in mud helping me

So with that disaster I decided it was time to lay the law down and do a cummins swap.I bought motor is 9k on it complete with trans, wireing harness and transfer case. Everything..all pumps, belts computer,,,,everything. Perfect donor

So the motor came out of the superduty again( its been out 6 times to date)

The injector and CP3 were pulled and motor( cummins) was disassembled

Everything is getting painted, powdercoated and chromed on this conversion. Im also building the motor

Here is my cp3 from I had shane polish the pump out as a bonus

and here is the motor

To date here are mods I have

1.Wicked diesels injectors and bad [email protected]@ CP3 pump
2.HHT turbo competition 66 with a 16cm stainless housing all polished out
3.MP8 from Ts peformance
4.Smarty s06 from Smartypower
5.Polydyn equal length header 2nd gen
6.New MAx MPG Snow meth kit from Snowperformance
7.Hamilton Diesels springs and billet pushrods
8.SB intake
9.Destroke motor mounts from Beans diesel performance
10 Custom Oasis Diff covers engraved Cummins Power all polished out
12. Opie Water bypass by
13. CFMPlus intake

I thought it would be neet to show everyone the transistion of my truck and see everything its been though

I want to thank my 2009 sponsors and will keep eveyone posted on this thread. I do have one more sponsor but still working out the details
Wickeddiesels; HTTurbo; Polydyn header; Farmboyfabrications;TSperformance MP8;SmartPower SmartyS06;Fluidampr;S&Bintake; Opie Parts ;CFMplus;Hamiltondiesel; FTEDiesel;Oasiswheels Diff covers;SnowPerformance; and Ryan Bean for moral support
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It was a rough year last year with all the BS with its drivable and loving life..

nothing like a Cummins with a 5 in through exhaust through 6" stacks at neighbors are glad its done also
congrats Robts you really did a nice job on your build very well put together :happymugs
so, how does it run?

The engine justed needed to be "stroked" a few times, and I guess she finally came, I mean cummin...:haha

Truck looks good as well as the engine build. :thumbsup
nothing like a Cummins with a 5 in through exhaust through 6" stacks at 5am
I hear ya on that. Although not a cummins but the 03 turbo straight piped is not making the neighborhood to happy at 10 pm.

And I took on your old problem.. :fan :haha Should be getting that rolling here soon though. :thumbsup
cant wait to see it in person!!!!!
[hijack] i'd like to know what's running the CR. i know that we just talked about using the ecm, but is it just a stock "unlocked" ecm or does it need a custom reflash or programer...? and who does this or how do you unlock it? basically, what needs to be done to make this motor run in any other vehicle? i keep hearing it can't be done w/out using the stock guage cluster... :shrugs: [/hijack]

can't wait to see a vid - looking goooood!! :thumbsup
Wheres the video....... Congrats man.... its gotta diffrent sound to it WOT then a6.0 does... but that 5in straight pipe on a CR will let people know when your commin..... my truck sounds like a old semi rolling up the road.
details and updates???
details and updates???
rob and his CR ford are on the way to TS with ryan.

What......Im driving it. Actually Im not doing nothing to it for a few days. I had some problems with my fass and sent it out today. I have a rocker cover leak and need a new seal and also have a trans leak

I will be at Indy and talking with Brad from Fass it might be at their display at the show

oh yeah....this happen
do tell, i have heard nothing about no TS.

though i did get another update.

robs truck getting shot for a magazine.

Ouch, fass has more issues then the 6L LOL

Besides that truck looks great Rob.
:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup
wheres the video?
Rob, look me up at Indy if you're going the weekend of the 6th.
I have a rocker cover leak and need a new seal
Did you grind out the spot on the back of the VC adapter that sits on top of the head stud? It does not have a clearance problem with head bolts but a Stud will hold it up just enough to leak.
Did you grind out the spot on the back of the VC adapter that sits on top of the head stud? It does not have a clearance problem with head bolts but a Stud will hold it up just enough to leak.
no....I had the wrong one already installed
181 - 200 of 236 Posts
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