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Hello, I'm a new member on here and I wanted to share some of my build and ask some questions of the RTLO line.

I own a 2000 international 4700 with a ES53-5D and rear splitter.

The build so far is.
Orion Tuner from PHP
160/0 injectors from Full Force diesel
Kc300X stage 1
Homemade 4" Downpipe, 5" Donaldson muffler, 4" factory stack
Bellowed uppipes
910 valve springs
ARP head studs
Dual Super Duty pumps - Removed mechanical lift pump
DIY Regulated return with fuel bowl delete (Set at 65-67 PSI)
Hiflow Banjo bolts
CNC Fab Hpop Lines
Riffraff crossover
Some Ebay Plenums

My main goal is a 24/7 300hp.
When end up rebuilding the bottom end I intend to install clipped and ceramic coated pistons, stage 1 cam, and ARP main/rod bolts. (I may also install a CNC Hpop in future)

I know my truck has both the correct bell housing, fly wheel.
(I'm flipping the switch polarity to keep my rear end's planetary disengaged I've done the math and the ratios work out well for what I want.)

But my Main questions are,
1. How much air does the RTLOs need? Is it only for the clutch brake or does the transmission also use the air for something else.
2. How large of a transmission cooler do I need? I I know the pump for coolant circ is onboard the trans I'm looking at. I would like to keep it air to fluid.

What brings this all on is a job I'm working may extend for a decent amount longer if that's the case I'm going to save the money and invest it in the RTLO.

Photos of the truck so far.

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