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I have to begin this in saying our Cedar Creek - Day Dreamer is the most well designed (to Tana's liking) and prettiest coach we have ever looked at. We have towed it for 6500 miles toward Utah and back, to Wisconsin and NY and a thousand places close by. It is still the most liked by us as any coach we have ever seen. We have met some of the nicest folks while camping in it.

Where this story begins is the first day we picked it up. We have have had very minor things to bug us to death. Not working sewer dump valves several times, leaking frig, one bad electrical wire, 2 bad converters, wall paneling tape replaced about 4 times, loose front slide, badly fit moulding on outside, etc. While in for a few repairs two months ago I took the coach by my tire man and found two badly worn tires on the driver's side. I took photos and sent them to Mr. Bradley.

I have a stack of repair sheets the size of a book. Well last year I contacted Forest River and took it in and had a very cool reception. Some of you know about that. I got a call from Mr. Bobby Bradley several months ago and he and Tom Johnson, Charlotte has gotten the ball rolling.

I am going to list what all Forest River has done to make "good faith" repairs after my warranty has expired. Yes, before you say it a lot of these should have been done earlier but were not.

Replaced and painted door to gas bottles with slight bow in door
Replaced all seam tap on paneling
Replaced converter with larger unit
Replaced and painted all moulding on exterior
Replaced both 7k axles with Dexter 8k axles
Replaced all four tires with Goodyear "G" rated tires
Replaced all four wheels
Replaced entire back window with properly colored one with tinting that was misordered at an earlier repair time
Replaced all three sewer dump valves with new type electrical switches
They are installing EquaFlex suspension on new axles at NO charge.

Tana & I are both very impressed with Mr. Bradley.

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good to see some people are still getting good service from dealers and manufacturers on products. seems like all you hear anymore is how everyone is screwing everyone else over. especially dealers screwing customers on stupid stuff

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Nice to see in this economy not everyone is cutting all corners, some pople are still worried about spending money and making it right with their customers
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