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6.4L Enabled Livewire Flash Device:
The SCT 6.4L Enabled Livewire Pre-loaded / Custom Tunable flash device
is the ONLY device on the market for the 6.4L Twin Turbo Diesel Truck
that offers:
- The Largest Horsepower & Torque Gains on the market (120+RWHP /
200+ft-lbs RWTQ with Extreme Race Upgrade Package)!
- Both Engine & Transmission Tuning!
- High Speed Datalogging and Instrumentation via a large backlit display
- Built-In Programmable Shift & Alert Light
- Pre-Loaded Performance Tune, Towing Tune & Transmission Only Tune
- Read & Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
- Adjustable Shift Points
- Displays estimated HP, TQ, 1/4 Mile ET's & 0-60MPH
- Speed Limter Removed / Rev Limiter raised to 4300RPM

6.4L Race Package Upgrade Includes:
- SCT Livewire Exhaust Gas Temperature Kit
- 6.4L EXTREME Tune
- SCT 6.4L Livewire Update Software
This package requires a 6.4L Livewire Enabled Device

The new 6.4L Enabled Livewire device and our new 6.4L Extreme Race
Upgrade Package will be ready for shipment in June 2007.
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