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sct tuner for 7.3l

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im bulding a truck for my uncle its a 2002 ford f350 with the 7.3 he allready has a banks 5" exhoust and a k&n air filter and he wants tuner for it im leaning tord the sct livewire i was wondrind if this was a good tuner for the 7.3l im kinda new at this and everything else is stock

is this a good tuner?
how hard is it to hook up?
and if you have it what you like of dislike about it
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go to tony wildman or swamps, get a chip then you can switch tunes on the fly.
Get a custom tuned chip from Matt @ Gearhead or someone like that.
To answer your questions.

It's a programmer, so you will be limited to loading a single tune for a specific purpose (tow, economy, race, etc) at a time. It's not hard to hook up. It's simply a plug-n-play sort of thing.

Is it a good programmer? Sure, as far as programmers go. You can even get custom tunes loaded in it from different people.

There are, however, other choices that allow you to switch tunes immediately and you have numerous custom tuners to choose from. Browse through the TDG Vendor section or even post up asking for options and pricing in the Supporting Vendor sub-forum and see what sort of response you get.

Now, to the real issue at hand.

You're building a truck for him?


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Since my last post got removed.

Here is a thread with a list of tuners.
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