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Who get September TOTM

  • BombDocDiesel

    Votes: 10 12.8%
  • EB.Bldr

    Votes: 18 23.1%
  • DieselWrencher

    Votes: 13 16.7%
  • Robts

    Votes: 30 38.5%
  • Jpscustoms

    Votes: 7 9.0%

  • Total voters
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TDG Mafia Goon
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From the beginning..
Screamin' Seeman Off Road Mounts

Pay no attention to the Fram filter

Cab off, 24-Valve in

NV4500 mounted and cab cut

Heart Throb 3"-4"-5" Downpipe

5" straight pipe and new hanger

It's almost alive

It's alive

New to this truck PYOs from my '05 DMAX

No more GM Badging

LS Interior and new gauges. Still tracking down harnesses to put the LS Door panels in.

New CTD Badges....Thanks Brian


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First here is a video of some of it's first 1/8th mile passes.

Here are some pictures of us at Union Grove Wisconsin for an NHRDA race.

Here it is after the 4th of July weekend.

Next week it is getting new stall in the convertor, new injectors, and a turbo upgrade. Hopefully I will be able to have some boost on a launch and try to get this thing going faster than what it is now.

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Allright here I go. I decided to post a few
Here are my listed of mods.
1.Wicked diesels injectors and bad [email protected]@ CP3 pump
2.HHT turbo competition 66 with a 16cm stainless housing all polished out
3.MP8 from Ts peformance
4.Smarty s06 from Smartypower
5.HighTech Manifold cermanic coated
6.New MAx MPG Snow meth kit from Snowperformance
7.Hamilton Diesels springs and billet pushrods
8.Kn air filter
9.Destroke motor mounts and tach module
10 Custom Oasis Diff covers engraved Cummins Power all polished out
12. Opie Water bypass by
13. DPP Stainless intake horn
14.Ats Stage 5 with co-pilot and all billet inside
15.Speraco intercooler
16.Custom transfer case(Ford transfercase with ATS billet dodge input from Dan(so grand)
17. 4.56 gears with Detroittruetrack front and rear
18. 6.5" procomp lift with fox shox
19. Farm boy fabrication ladder bars
20. 37x13.5x22Toyos with Eagle wheels
21 Billet Badges
22. Heat exchanger hood
23 2005 front end with McColluch HID lights in both head lights and fogs
24.Randy Ellias light bar with (4) Procomp lights
24 10 autometer gauges
24 (2) Alpine DVD players with 600watts.Boston Pros componets and Jl Audio subs
25. Grand Rock Exhaust with Q muffler
26. Recon Clear Mirror and cab lights
27 ARP Studs
28. Limo Tint
29 Optima batterys
30. All fuel line braided; All wire StreetWire brand

And a Ton of stuff I forgot

I want to thank my sponsor personnally
Wicked Diesel
TS Performance
Snow Performance
Oasis Diff Covers
Bob Wagner At smarty
FTE Diesel
FarmBoy fabrication
HighTech Turbo

I also want to thank the people that help with this swap
and my cousin Mike...With them It wouldnt of happen

After having problems with my twin turbo 6l liter I decided to do a cummins swap.
old 668hp vgt-ss setup

Old motor twin turbo

So the motor came out of the superduty again( its been out 6 times to date)

The injector and CP3 were pulled and motor( cummins) was disassembled

Everything is getting painted, powdercoated and chromed on this conversion. Im also building the motor

Here is my cp3 from I had shane polish the pump out as a bonus

and here is the motor

Well, I got the Hamilton springs and billet pushrods installed, Wicked diesel CP3 and injectors and started assembling eveything else. Motor should be going in the next 2 days. I had planned on more time to work on it over the holiday but I cant get a sitter for my daughter

Stock springs

Halimton springs installed

Wickeddiesels 5x10.5 injectors installed

Passenger side motor

Front of motor


going in

I decide to run the ford powersteering pump since I had the Autoworld bracket. Also just bought all the areoquipe lines and hoses this weekend as well as the Glacier Fuel bowl delete. Since I order that I also order the Glacier Diesel Heater box delete. I got my SnowPerformance Stage 2 snaow meth kit as well as the 7 gallon tank.

Powersteering pump(Ford)

Check out the new Oasis Wheels custom Diff Covers. Remember I running a Ford Sterling 10.5 and they made these for me

Next I worked on my fuel lines. I installed a Glacier fuel bowl delete and all - lines

Next I had my ATS Stage 5 all billet trans with even Billet output shafts installed Saturday. The Billet Flex plate has 12 bolts to install the torque convertor instead of the factory 6

Me working since no ever sees that


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i accept, i know i dont have much chance against the other guys LOL nice rigs guys

bringing it home from dealer with blown 6.0

bye bye 6.0

the cummins, 97 12v

first fitting

all mounted

6spd used to be 5r110

in and running


ive done some more upgrades, installed spearco ic, single 6" stack, new airfilter....up coming upgrades, new paint next monrth, p&p head, cam, compounds, 4"lift, more fuel, and stereo....thanks to dan(sogrand) ,rob, lubeowner, and all who helpd get it done, ive just put under10k on in the past two months and it is a blast to drive!!!! more pics to come this sunday when im home from work

********* and Mafia #90
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Good luck Guys :rock
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TDG Mafia Goon
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I voted. Good luck fellas.

TDG Mafia Member #56
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I voted as well. Some very nice conversions here to choose from.
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I now drive a Duramax...
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I think robts is going to win for the magazine coverage he has received but I think that every one of these is good enough to win any month. Good luck to all.

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