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Silk Hope NC April 24-25 7pm both nights

Tractor Classes:
8,000 Super Stock
9,300 Super Farm
10,500 Hot Farm
7,000 Turbo
6,000 V-8 Modified

Truck Classes:
8,000 Super Street Diesel (2.8 turbo)
6,200 Super Street Gas
6,200 Modified Gas
8,500 Street 4x4 (open to gas & stock turbo diesel)

Purse for SS Diesel Trucks:

SS Diesel Truck Rules:
-driver must have valid drivers license
-8,000 lbs
-26" hitch height
-max tire height 35"
-single turbo only (twin trucks can pull out of competition)
-solid rear suspension & hanging weights allowed, any added weight not hanging must be secured in bed
-driveshaft loops, u-joint covers, air shutoffs requested but not required (will be required @ oakboro for 09 season)
-duallys allowed
-water meth allowed, NO NITROUS OR PROPANE!!!

Street 4x4 Truck Rules:
-must present drivers license & truck registration card
-max weight 8500 lbs
-max tire height 35", please no excessive lift
-open to stock turbo diesel (this will be checked)
-no solid rear suspension, no hanging weight, all added weight must be secure in bed
-duallys allowed
-no water meth, NO NITROUS OR PROPANE!!!

Lets start off 09 with a bang, there wont be any putt-putt tractors here. pm me for any further info.
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