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I am looking for a skid plate that covers the center of the front-end of a 2002 2500hd chevy. The factory "brush guard" is made out of plastic and I would like something aluminum or steel, preferably aluminum. A couple of years ago I broke the little plastic valance-spoiler type thingy that attaches to the bottom of the bumper and would really like something more substantial to protect the high $ components I've installed. I don't plan on replacing the plastic thingy on the bottom of the bumper 'cuz I'll surely break it again, but now this POS weak excuse for a skid plate is my only protection. There has to be suspension companies out there that make better skid plates, as this particular skid plate would not be effected by a lift, so far as I can see. The only thing keeping me from bolting two plates together is the mounting of the coolant hose to the "brush guard".
Stupid GM front-ends, they should hire me to help design them. Not that I have the qualifications to have a job like that, but I beat on chevys enough to know their weaknesses.
How 'bout a SD centerlink? Anyone have prices on these? I've heard they have some kind of limitations that effect the turning radius which would suck for a CCLB! And can the centerlink be installed with cognito pitman and idler arm braces??

Holy crap that's alot of questions, thanks in advance :bow:
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