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Please go to Liberty's web page for entry fees,hook fees,starting times and hotel info. The DPM Dyno will get going around 9:00 am. You must be ready and in line 5 minutes before your dyno time to let your truck come up to operating temps. Duramax guys must remove the front plate before dynoing. $75 dollars for 3 runs paid to DPM, cash only please.

Dyno awards will be given to the highest fuel only winner who guesses the closest to their dyno number of each brand. Dodge, Duramax, Ford. Please put your guess out the right hand side of the page when you sign up. The winners will each receive a $50 Bass Pro-shops gift card. We have had alot of fun doing the dyno brackets in the past. It lets everyone know who the real dyno queens are. :haha

Here is the line up for the events sled pull that Ryan put together. Class sponsor's are still rolling in. As soon as we have a final we will post the complete payouts. We'll start hooking around 2:00 pm.

1. 8000lb W.S.
2. 5,500lb 2x2 GAS (Payout)
3. 8,000lb 2.6
4. 5,500lb 4x4 GAS
5. 6,500lb 2x2 GAS
6. 6,500lb 4x4 GAS (Payout)

Pedal Tractor Race for Kids

7. 8,000lb OUTLAW
8. 8,500lb W.S.
9. 8,500lb 2.6
10. Tractor Exhibition Pull
11. 8,500 OUTLAW


See ya soon!!
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